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sarnano-beyond-the-villaHelp and advice when buying an Italy property

All of the Italian property on this site was purchased after much research and planning and entailed the owners having to overcome a number of issues. We hope that by sharing our owners experiences and the measures they took to manage their projects and overcome red tape, it will help anyone thinking of upping sticks and relocating to Italy and will hopefully help them avoid the same pitfalls and any wheel reinvention..

Where to buy your Italy property

Most people who are serious about buying will end up taking a number of flights to Italy and will find it difficult to pinpoint the ideal area for them. Well, our owners had exactly the same dilemma and, after many flights and much online searching, they all decided that Le Marche was the region that offered them the most potential.

Why? Because it is home to a wonderful Adriatic coastline, dramatic mountains, wild national parks, rolling hills and farmlands dotted with wonderful medieval villages, it has a varied economy and has a significantly lower cost of property compared to its better known neighbours Tuscany and Umbria.

Take your time when buying Italy property

If you are buying, you may wish to rent an apartment as rents are cheap and it will pay you to take your time in finding and negotiating a deal on that dream property.

Buying criteria for your Italy propertycortile-looking-at-sibillini-mountains

Having looked at 100s of Italy properties, our owners decided on the Italy houses that you now see on the site, their selection took in various criteria. Naturally, the property or house had to potentially be beautiful, some of our owners wanted farmland, all wanted fantastic views and others sufficient scale to allow them to start a viable business. You will need access to essential services, a doctor and hospital, to good shops and maybe a school and restaurants and cultural delights.

Estimating the restoration costs for your Italian property

Having chosen the Italian property, you should obtain a costing for a rebuild and then verify the accuracy of this via a third party who must be able to advise on the quote's accuracy and recommend how much to offer. You can use the Italy house for sale- rebuild estimator that we have constructed following our projects.

Sitting down and actually buying your Italy property

Having had an offer accepted, the compromesso or initial agreement was signed and a deposit paid, this is pitched at a rate between 10% and 30% with either vendor or buyer paying double the deposit if they renege on the deal. Once all searches and legal or conveyancing matters have been completed you will finally sit down to sign the Rogito (the final sale document).

The right to buy land attached to your Italy property

The neighbours have first refusal on buying the packets of land that are being sold with any Italy property. When there is a tenant farmer the neighbours rights pass to him.

Some of our buyers were horrified to learn that their tenant farmers were demanding €10,000 for the privilege of signing away his right to farm the land- ensure that you meet the farmer and get everything agreed in advance, compromise and give them the land rent free if you need to. Don't ever agree to their demands in the meeting- if necessary walk away and seek advice, remembering that they are as keen to sell as you are to buy!

Obtaining restoration quotes for your Italy property

When you have bought your house in Italy you should select an architect or geometra and then obtain between three and five sets of quotes for the work being outsourced (plumbing, electrics and the roof), these hopefully reaffirm that the project is achievable and will give you a feel for the work that you wish to do yourselves.

advice for buying houses in ItalyContracts for restoration work on your Italy property

The building firm must sign a contract with built in penalty clauses to underwrite any possible overruns. The geometra or architect must also sign a contract that specifies their fees the project scope, timescales and their roles and responsibilities. Many people buying houses for sale in Italy make a big mistake in trusting the geometra or architect without getting a proper contract- just visit any foreign property forum you like and you will find it littered with tales of woes from projects that have overrun on cost or time or where the geometra or architect has exploited the buyer.

Project Management of your Italy property

Many architects or geometras in Italy profess to be Project Managers but simply do not possess or display the necessary skills. If they are offering to manage the project you should expect full financial and project plans- if they are not then you will either need to perform this role yourself or find an independent manager.

Your project plans must ensure that budgeted, actual and forecasted costs are continually tracked and reported upon. The project schedule must include interdependencies between tasks, the duration and workload of all activities, indicate who will perform each task and be broken down into achievable bite-sized chunks- to enable you to celebrate the completion of each with a bottle of prosecco!  The plans will prove invaluable in prioritization, maintaining momentum and most importantly from a psychological perspective they will reassure that any overspends can be recouped somewhere and that overruns on timescales can be managed and the project brought back on schedule. You should expect regular tracking reports that demonstrate project progress against the agreed plan

buying houses and restoration projects in ItalyItaly property project sign off

Remember that your project is not complete until your local commune has signed the project off for "Agibilità". This involves the local council comparing the final plans to the original plans and checking all of the work is compliant and that all taxes have been paid- when completed your restored property will be registered. This process can take months and even years, as clearance from the local council or "commune" is dependant on the engineers report and certificates from all the contractors and is arranged by the geometra or architect. Unfortunately, as they are normally juggling many projects, the sign off may not be their priority.

 Please read our quick tips for buying a property in Italy

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