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Tips for buying an Italian property

tips to help you win in the Italy property marketTip 1) - Think about renting first and assessing the Italy property market

Give yourself time to make what is a very big decision by exploiting the cheap rental market in Italy. In Le Marche, there are plenty of small houses available and a  3 bedroomed villa or apartment will cost you about €300 per month or about 2% of the property's value, so it's far better to keep your powder dry rather than rushing into the market. Time your currency change from sterling and opt for a company such as that offers a commission free exchange at current forex rates.

Tip 2- Learn the language it will help you make Italy home

Unfortunately, many "stranieri" or foreigners have lost money or been exploited due to their lack of a command of Italian. Italy may be a god-fearing nation but alongside "Calcio", one of their favourite sports is getting one-over on someone; protect yourself and learn the language.

tips for buying a property in Italy

Tip 3-The location of your Italian house

There are many Italian properties ripe for restoration in stunning locations, but you should think about accessibility in winter and the ability of visitors to reach you in a normal car.  Also make sure that you have access to all of the services that you expect and take for granted. Most of the property on Italy property sale is a short drive from a vibrant medieval town, with all the shops and services that you could wish for. Also consider buying land or a house with land where possible as yields are on the increase.

Tip 4- Estimate the rebuild costs for houses for sale in Italy

amandola-le-marche-italyLabour and material costs for rebuilds have spiralled in recent years and property prices are being impacted by the credit-crunch, so it's now possible to buy some restored properties for not much more than it would cost to rebuild a ruin. Obtain accurate rebuild costs and ensure that the project is going to offer you value for money

Tip 5- The architect or geometra for your project after you buy an Italy property

Apply the same logic that you would to a builder or plumber, obtain quotes from at least 3 architects or geometras, establish what is included and what is not. If the fee is on a percentage basis, identify which aspects it is being applied to. Fees can range from 5% to 12% or more and if you are able to perform certain project elements yourself you can specify that these must not be included.

Tip 6-Italy property renovation Project Payment Schedule.

You should insist on a contract with their geometra or architect where a third is paid when initial plans are approved, a third when structural works are complete and a third when the project is signed off, this way the geometra or architect is "incentivised" to obtain the sign off and put the project to bed.

Tip 7- Read our pages on the legal process and advice on buying an Italian property