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Italy property rebuild costs calculatorItaly property- renovation cost estimator

If, like us, you are sceptical when estate agents and property sites quote an arbitrary €1000 renovation cost per m2 of Italian property, of course this depends upon the state of the property, how much of the structure and materials are already in place, how much of the work you are going to do yourself and how well you haggle on everything from plumber to geometra costs.

A number of the owners advertising Italy property on this site have managed renovation projects on their houses, this involved QS of materials and obtaining many quotes for the labour or work involved in restoring the property. Having collected this information it seemed like the decent thing to do to convert this to an average unit cost per metre and allow future buyers of Italy property to estimate their own rebuild costs. Just click on the link below to access the spreadsheet and remember to follow the Italy property tips and advice offered elsewhere on the site. These are likely to be the lowest costs achievable, some may vary from area to area, and all of them need to have contingency added for possible overspends.

calculatorItaly property rebuild and renovation calculator