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The best flights for Le Marche, ItalyLe Marche region map

All of our Italy properties for sale in Le Marche are situated between Pescara (1hr 45mins) Perugia (1.5hrs) and Ancona (1.5hrs) airports, all of which are serviced by low cost Ryan Air flights. It is also worth considering flying to Rimini (2hrs 15 mins), Bologna-Forli (2.5hrs), Rome (2hrs 45mins) or Bologna (3hrs) as British Airways and Easyjet and a couple of other smaller airlines provide low cost flights to these destinations from a wide variety of points in the British Isles.

There are also low cost flights to the above airports from the following destinations. Please use the whichbudget site to identify flights from your nearest airport. Last time we checked there were the following cheap flights available: Albania, Austria (3), Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cech Republic, Croatia, Denmark (2), Finland, France (8), Germany(23), Greece (2), Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Mauritius, Moldova, Netherlands (2), Poland (5), Romania (5), Russia, Slovakia (2), Spain (10), Sweden (3), Switzerland (3), United States (NY) and Ukraine. Here are all of the UK flights to our Italy property.

Departure, Desination & Airline Connections
Departure TownDestination TownAirline
Belfast Intl (BFS) Rome - Ciampino Easyjet
Bristol (BRS) Rome - Ciampino Easyjet
Bristol (BRS) Rimini Ryan Air
Edinburgh (EDI) Bologna British Airways
Glasgow Bologna British Airways
Glasgow Rome - Ciampino Ryan Air
Leeds Bradford (LBA) Rome Fiumicino Jet 2
Liverpool (LPL) Rome - Ciampino Ryan Air
Liverpool (LPL) Rimini Ryan Air
London Gatwick Bologna British Airways
London Gatwick Rome - Ciampino British Airways
London Gatwick Rome - Ciampino Easyjet
London Stansted (STN) Bologna - Forli Ryan Air
London Stansted (STN) Perugia Ryan Air
London Stansted (STN) Pescara Ryan Air
London Stansted (STN) Rome - Ciampino Ryan Air
London Stansted (STN) Ancona Ryan Air
London Stansted (STN) Rimini Ryan Air
Manchester Bologna British Airways
Manchester Rome - Fiumicino Jet 2
Newcastle Bologna British Airways
Newcastle Rome - Ciampino Easyjet
Nottingam Rimini Ryan Air
Nottingam Rome - Ciampino Ryan Air
Cork (ORK) Rome - Fiumicino Aerlingus
Dublin (DUB) Bologna Aerlingus
Dublin (DUB) Bologna - Forli Ryan Air
Dublin (DUB) Rome - Ciampino Ryan Air
Dublin (DUB) Rome Fiumicino Aerlingus
Shannon (SNN) Rome - Ciampino Ryan Air