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Property for Sale in Italy

Italy Property sale-le-marche-italyMost people who have travelled to Italy have probably dreamt of buying an Italian property - A country of romance, culture, art, wine, mouth watering food and la dolce vita, Italy is an indulgent feast for the senses

Browse our houses & homes in Italy, Italian villas & farmhouses for sale

We have Italian houses, villas, apartments, townhouses, farmhouses and even a holiday business or bed & breakfast for sale in Italy. There is plenty of property in Italy to choose from to suit all budgets and tastes and unlike other Italian estate agents web sites, we are a group of friends who have created this site to help us cut out the middle man and help you to buy your Italy property direct.

The Italian properties on sale were selected after years of searching the length and breadth of Italy. All of our Italy property sits in stunning Le Marche scenery, is close to wonderful artwork and architecture, rolling hills studded with quaint medieval villages and miles of clean beaches.

Italy property- selecting an area


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Buying Italy Property is a bit like being a kid in a candy store- the choice is so vast. So, how do you select a property in Italy? Umbria and Tuscany property will undoubtedly give you access to wonderful art & scenery but, if you look a bit further-a-field for your Italian property you will find that the rugged landscape and Mediterranean climate offers you a multitude of options for real estate in Italy. The appenines or the spine of Italy ensure that whatever region you choose, your italy home will never be far from mountains, rolling hills and great beaches. Looking for value from your houses in Italy, you are likely to search many regions such as Lazio, Veneto, Abruzzo, Puglia, or consider buying property in Italy in the Dolomites or the Alps. However, you should also consider the following:

  •  What Italian climate would you prefer for your Italy property? It varies enormously so be sure you are happy with the heat and rainfall.
  •  What are the communication links like, are airports close to your Italian property and are there back up routes & airlines should one close?
  •  How much are the Italian properties for sale? Italy rebuild costs have increased significantly in recent years. Will your future Italy home cost more if you buy a restored property rather than a renovation?
  •  Is the Italian real estate near to a town or village that has good shops and essential services, is there a local community nearby, will your italian property be too remote?
  •  If you intend to live La dolce vita in your Italy home, have you enough income to live comfortably, what are your business plans, is there a market, what is the competition like?
  •  Chat to locals near your potential Italian property, what is life like and are there any hidden costs?